Harei Yeshua

39  You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.
 John 5:39

Welcome to Harei Yeshua.  We are a non-profit faith organization that seeks to provide assistance to Messianic Jewish students of any age who are interested in ministering to their own communities worldwide.  Harei Yeshua  seeks to provide financial resources through scholarships and other gifts to help offset the cost of Biblically based training for Jewish Ministry.  By networking worldwide we wish to support new Jewish believers as they seek to grow in their knowledge of Yeshua Ha Moshiach.  Please contact us if you would like to apply for a scholarship or if you would like to give to the general scholarship fund or sponsor a student.    


Harei Yeshua


PO Box 102


Magalia, California,95954



Telephone:  530-230-8413


E-Mail:  hareiyeshua@yahoo.com


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